Andrews Landsman


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I was born on the mean streets of the Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY. I met Oliver Singer (writer/director/Logos) in grammar school. We became close friends in our teens after bonding over the word "wavelettes" (small waves.) After 4 years at NYU's Tisch School, where I studied acting at The Atlantic as well as at Stonestreet, I spent time in New York doing off-broadway plays and short films before landing my first feature, "Slider," coming to festivals in 2014. In late 2012, I decided to follow Oliver's suit and move to Los Angeles, but not before he offered me a role in AWOL. I have been on many a shoestring-budget set, but seldom was it as clear to me that every single person involved in the making of a movie cared as much as our cast and crew did about AWOL. Thank you to Oliver and Mardee for bringing me on this wonderful project, to the rest of the team for making it a blast of a week on the beach, to my Mom, Dad, and Nana for supporting me in everything I do, and to Poseidon, for giving me someone to yell at.