Mardee Kravit


AWOL photo mardee-image_sm copy 2.jpg

AWOL is the first project from Wild Blue Yonder Productions, started by Oliver Singer and myself.  We were fortunate to pair with Salzano Studios and a group of committed people like ourselves who connected with the script’s lyrical exploration of friendship, love and hard, final choices. At heart we were all, like AWOL’s Logos and Ambriel,  rule-breakers.

Turning AWOL into a reality was like leaving the world I’ve known that actually had budgets.  Still, I feel I’ve traded up.  There was nothing like this small, talented, committed group of actors, crew, and post production people sharing the vision of the script and riding it out with passion.   I have worked as a writer and Headwriter on many shows for Day Time TV.  I created what is now one of the iconic teen shows, ‘Swans Crossing,” where I was the co-Executive Producer and Head writer.   There have been films and shows I’ve developed and pilots I’ve shot; all paid for, some really fine.  But nothing compares to creating this short film which is long on heart.  And full of everyone who birthed it