Max Venison


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I've worked as a Recording Artist, a Composer, a Songwriter/Producer, in Musical Theatre internationally behind the curtain and on the stage. I love storytelling. No medium or craft more so than Acting.

AWOL was the meeting and melding of spirit, dedication, talent, love, innocence, sweat, tears and fun. Oliver and I sat at a cafe in L.A after I had returned from working on a project far away, where I had some rather life changing experiences. All I can say is he sat there that day and told me this story where it was became clear there were strange similarities between my experience and Oliver's story. He sent me the script that evening and I sat in my apartment and I cried like a big fat baby. I knew it was going to be a project that meant something. It already was, even then. I told him in no uncertain terms I wanted in.  What a pure arse joy it is for me to be involved in it.