Oliver Singer

Writer, Director, Logos

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I’m an actor, director and writer, born and raised in Manhattan and on the beaches of Long Island. I went to Vassar College, where I trained by directing plays, writing my own, and acting in television, films, music videos, and webisodes. The first play I wrote is called "I'm Gone," a four act drama based on the early life of my father, who grew up in Bensonhurst during the 1950’s and had to travel great lengths to find a place in the world for himself. Finding what and where home is, and how much we're willing to sacrifice in order to keep or leave it has been a part of my exploration as well. That exploration continues with AWOL, a meditation on what it is to be alive and human on this earth, marked by the places I’ve both grown up, and called home. AWOL is my first film, and I give tremendous thanks to an amazing cast, crew, family and firm believing friends, for helping me see this amazing process through.